About Teng Nging

Teng Nging TAN
Professional Certified Coach (International Coach Federation)
Reiss Profile Master (IDS)
Process Work Associate (Process Work Institute)


I am Teng Nging. Wonder Full People is my coaching and facilitation practice.

I started coaching professionally in 2004 with over 2400 hours of experience to date. Currently based in Singapore, I have also practiced in the US in an international community for 4.5 years and taught coaching in China.

I bring to coaching and facilitation my specialty background in systems thinking, process-oriented psychology, Jungian psychology and change management with a focus on emergence. These disciplines give me the acuity to work with a wide range of clients in diverse contexts.

I firmly believe that coaching isn’t just forwarding clients to their desired results and performing better. The extra magic sprinkle that I give is empowering people to find our personal core truths, inner compass, values and dreams that move us and give meaning to what we do. These are often regarded as intangible. I deliver them.

I also love teaching and prefer to call my students learners. I train and mentor coaches since 2007, and have developed curriculum and conducted training for coaching programs accredited by International Coach Federation.

You might notice I don’t write and present myself in a “corporate” style. This is because we are all first and foremost human beings, this is where I seek to get to know and relate to first. This gives me clarity in how I can best support you regardless of the context and roles you seek improvement in.


How I describe my style
Transparent, liberating, perceptive, incisive, experiential, with a dose of quirky humor

How others describe my style
Clients: Safe and kick-ass at the same time. Rejuvenation. Honest truth. Sunshine and Moonshine.
Colleagues: Spaciousness. Depth. Experimental. Stubborn. A kaleidoscope.
Learners: Genuine. Perceptive. Sees things differently.


Co-presenter, introducing Processwork at Centers Gathering 2015, China. 


I don’t just stretch and grow my clients. I’m also committed to growing myself. I’m completing my 4-years program in Master of Arts in Process Work with the Process Work Institute, Oregon, USA, in mid-2017. Processwork, also known as Process-Oriented Psychology, enriches my coaching and facilitation toolkit in a big way. You can read about Processwork here.


Know more about me

My turning point…

I’m a 70’s child. I remember one of my most favourite things to do when I was barely tall enough was to pull open drawers after drawers in the kitchen and the feeling of excitement of what I might find in them.

This sense of discovery and wonder stayed with me. I first forayed into medical research, was a Research Fellow doing public health studies with the Medical Faculty of a local University. This built my abilities to see big pictures, understand causal patterning and thinking reflectively.

Meanwhile, I discovered swing dancing and got bitten by the passion bug for the first time. I didn’t just danced, I also DJ-ed for my dance community. I learnt to listen not just with my ears. I learnt to tune in and follow my inner rhythms, read non-verbal queues from my dance partners, sense atmosphere and energies on the dance floor, and whip the dancers into a frenzy with the music I play. I was using more than my thinking brain.

My eventual dance injury became a crucial blessing in disguise. I was in chronic pain for two years. Physical pain makes you depressed. Not having a conclusive diagnosis and solution were extremely perplexing. But these initiated me into the worlds of mind-body connection, healing modalities, humanistic sciences and transformative psychology. And more than just kitchen drawers this time, I had access to ALL the libraries on campus. This became a period of deep self-reflection and reckoning of my inner workings. A few more fortuitous twists and turns later, I encountered coaching. Everything fell into place.