Approach and Manifesto

Why *Wonder*?

Einstein put it most succinctly. Because

No problem can be solved by the same kind of thinking that created it. ~ Albert Einstein

Coaching works because coaches engage our clients to break out from their usual, same way of thinking. By breaking out of limiting mindsets and frameworks, clients see solutions and way outs that they didn’t have access to before. Good coaches ignite the fires and motivations within our clients. We then hold you, the client, accountable and committed to executing the actions to achieve your end point.


The *Wonder* Manifesto.

  • Wonder is non-judgmental openness
  • Wonder is the space for introspection and contemplation.
  • Wonder is the proverbial getting out of the box.
  • Wonder is opening up new ways of thinking and seeing.
  • Wonder is the courage to question and not take things as status quo.
  • Wonder is reconnecting back to imagination and inspiration.
  • Wonder brings us back to our core authentic being.
  • Wonder is reclaiming the inquisitiveness and openness that we all had as children.
  • Wonder is personal freedom and agency.
  • Wonder accesses creativity.
  • Wonder rejuvenates.
  • Wonder is recognizing the bigness in ourselves.
  • Wonder is compassion for our most challenging moments.
  • Wonder is the love for life and the surprises it brings.


These are some of the journeys my clients have taken with my *Wonder* Manifesto. If you are keen to embark on yours, click here.


Why Processwork?

Processwork is my choice of further skills development that is aligned to the *Wonder* Manifesto. Processwork is a new worldview and understanding of human dynamics and applied psychology.  It seeks to awaken the deepest spirits in us as an individual, in a community, team, organization or society. Processwork also brings the exciting and radical idea that what we find most disturbing and challenging is actually the seed of innovative change and growth trying to taking place. Thus, it brings to coaching/facilitation valuable new tools and interventions for navigating obstacles, barriers and impasses, and accessing insights and inspirations outside of our day-to-day perspectives and thinking.


Why work with me

Over 13 years of solid grounding in coaching technicalities and success stories backed by rigorous graduate training in psychology.

You are looking for more than just that regular cup of coffee. You are hoping for a person who can show you more than the usual.

You appreciate someone who has breadth of perspective, someone who experienced in working with people across cultures, countries and contexts.

You are looking for someone who understands the dynamics of diversity issues, intersectionality and their impact on people.