Your coach is your change catalyst and brings your potential to life.

We are in a partnership. I’m responsible for accelerating you towards your goals bigger, faster and better. You are responsible for the willingness to introspect, be accountable and committed to putting your plans and insights into actions. Together we will design your personalized project plan – your road map with milestones to reach your new reality.


Professional and Leadership Development

This focuses on performance and fast-tracking you towards your professional goals. We will identify your strengths and talents, overcome your barriers and obstacles, and develop your inner resources and new capacities to rise up to the challenges. You might be looking at

  • Making career change or transition
  • Developing personal power and leadership style
  • Developing competencies, confidence, and presence
  • Managing difficult workplace relationships
  • Improving workplace relationship and communication
  • Overcoming career-plateau
  • Finding work-life balance
  • Dealing with workplace transitions


Life Coaching

Your work life is great but you are looking for that extra something in another area of your life. Sometimes you can put your finger to it and name what it is. Some times it is a feeling, this is OK too, part of the process is to explore and clarify what it is for you. Some of the circumstances when my clients sought out coaching are

  • Completing a big personal project or a long held dream (e.g. entering national-level competition, holding a concert)
  • Finding personal direction and fulfillment
  • Wanting relationship breakthroughs: family, partner, social life
  • Finding personal motivation
  • Managing transitions
  • Mid-life crisis and Quarter life crisis (mid-20’s to early 30’s)
  • Dealing with dilemmas or uncertainties
  • Clarity in making major or difficult decisions
  • Making major lifestyle changes