Coach Trainer, Mentor & Supervisor

Add oomph! your coaching abilities with seasoned coach supervisor and ACTP trainer.


Professional Training

For coach training preparing for certification with ICF, I’m currently on the faculty of Professional Coach Development (PCD) ACSTH program offered by the Collective Change Institute.


Mentoring and Supervision

Definitions of mentoring and supervision are according to the guidelines set forth by International Coach Federation (ICF).

Mentoring: for coaches preparing for their certification application. Focus will be developing your skills according to ICF’s 11 Core Competencies.

Supervision: the topics that we work on are broader and more holistic in scope, they can pertain to any aspects of your journey as a coach. Goal here is to support you to be more enabled and empowered as one.


I was privileged to have Teng Nging as our trainers for our ACTP module. As an experienced coach/trainer and with her years of coaching, Teng Nging was able to provide many examples to illustrate certain theory and models to enable participants to understand the concepts, at the same time, making the sessions interesting. She was also able to offer insights on different methods to work on the same issue. Teng Nging is very approachable trainer and is able to offer advice to our coaching issues quickly and help coaches in training see their blind spots.

Lilian, Manager , Singapore

Teng Nging is passionate about coaching and it reflects in her style of teaching. Her knowledge on the subject, her ability to go deep down in the issue, her openness and coaching presence has been truly inspirational. She is a people’s person and is an amazing teacher, mentor and coach. She has always made a strong stand for me as a coach and has pushed me to give my best. Teng Nging has taught me the skills, shared her extensive experience and most importantly, taught me to coach from the heart.

Sukaina Pasha, Associate Certified Coach, Mindworkz Coaching, Dubai

 Your listening is so deep that you can see one’s past, present and future. In a word, you can see one’s whole life, I admire this very much. You are very neutral in coaching, you give a very big space and compassion, yet you work with great precision, going straight to the crux of the problem.

Jane Lu,Beijing