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Self-care/therapeutic support

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Training & Workshop

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Coach Trainer, Mentor & Supervisor

Add oomph! your coaching abilities with seasoned coach supervisor and ACTP trainer.…

“a great sense of humour and her use of analogies helped me grasp the issue at hand and gain clarity and insights into my problem. ‘Difficult’ individuals reacted differently to me now and I felt more positive, uplifted, and freer”

YL Ng, Singapore
Regional Director

“she holds a safe space for beginner’s mind, for childlike play, for letting go of perfection, for letting go of the critic’s voice, for being open to possibility. In her therapeutic practice as in her relationships, Teng Nging brings her authentic self – her honesty, fearlessness, and humour, and her willingness to let go of being ‘the expert’”

L Glass, Canada
Mediation Consultant

“I was also looking for further breakthrough as I felt I have plateau-ed in my life. Teng Nging was an insightful and empathetic coach. She listened without judgement, and helped me draw out my deep buried emotions with perceptive prompts. I was encouraged to stretch myself and be bold in my aspirations. Her coaching helped me to be more connected to myself”

Sok Mei, Singapore
Senior Finance Personnel