I found Teng Nging to be an exceptionally perceptive, supportive and professional life coach.  During our first week of coaching, she unearthed a deep seated fear that I didn’t even realised existed.  This marked a turning point for me; the breakthroughs I experienced since then on both work and personal fronts have definitely come a long way since I was coached by Teng Nging. She is firm when needed and kept me moving towards my stated goals.  She has a great sense of humour and her use of analogies helped me grasp the issue at hand and gain clarity and insights into my problem.  ‘Difficult’ individuals reacted differently to me now and I felt more positive, uplifted, and freer.

YL Ng, Singapore
Regional Director

Teng Nging is a natural.  She holds a safe space for beginner’s mind, for childlike play, for letting go of perfection, for letting go of the critic’s voice, for being open to possibility.  In her therapeutic practice as in her relationships, Teng Nging brings her authentic self – her honesty, fearlessness, and humour, and her willingness to let go of being ‘the expert’.  In our sessions, I have appreciated how she has followed my process while being my gentle guide, checking in, getting and giving feedback, shifting and supporting.  I love how she keeps me informed as we go along, how she translates what we are co-discovering, how she connects the learning to its application in my life.  I keep coming back for more delicious unfolding, the anticipation of new breakthroughs.

L Glass, Canada
Mediation Consultant

I am a seasoned senior finance professional with almost two decades of working experience gained from various Fortune 500 companies. While successful in my career and blessed with a supportive family and great friends, I was also looking for further breakthrough as I felt I have plateau-ed in my life. Teng Nging was an insightful and empathetic coach. She listened without judgement, and helped me draw out my deep buried emotions with perceptive prompts. I was encouraged to stretch myself and be bold in my aspirations. Her coaching helped me to be more connected to myself. I would recommend Teng Nging to anyone who needs a catalyst for change, a listening ear for empathy and a timely nudge to challenge themselves.

Sok Mei, Singapore
Senior Finance Personnel

Teng Nging is passionate about coaching and it reflects in her style of teaching. Her knowledge on the subject, her ability to go deep down in the issue, her openness and coaching presence has been truly inspirational. She is a people’s person and is an amazing teacher, mentor and coach. She has always made a strong stand for me as a coach and has pushed me to give my best. Teng Nging has taught me the skills, shared her extensive experience and most importantly, taught me to coach from the heart.

Sukaina Pasha, Dubai
Associate Certified Coach, Mindworkz Coaching

With Teng Nging’s help, I broke through my limitations and increased my company’s sales by 6X within a month. Other than tangible results, I’m most grateful and moved that this process reconnected me with a long forgotten dream of mine that I had more than 20 years ago. Teng Nging is a strict, objective, veteran coach, and most importantly, her heart is full of love. I admit I’m not an easy person to coach, hence, finding Teng Nging when I was looking for a breakthrough is my blessing!

在 Teng Nging 帮助下,我突破了自己想法上的限制,把公司的业绩在一个月内提高了6倍,但这并不是全部成绩,在项目的最后,我找到了自己遗忘了20多年的梦想,感动、感恩!Teng Nging是一位严谨、客观、富有经验的教练,最重要的是她内心里充满了“爱”。我在职场工作多年,自认为很难被Coach,所以在人生遇到困惑或者难以突破自己的时候,遇到 Teng Nging 是我的幸运!

James Xue, Beijing
Managing Director

Your listening is so deep that you can see one’s past, present and future. In a word, you can see one’s whole life, I admire this very much. You are very neutral in coaching, you give a very big space and compassion, yet you work with great precision, going straight to the crux of the problem.

Jane Lu, Beijing

When I was first coached by Teng Nging 8 years ago, something hit me deep inside that is still part of me today – the ability to start loving myself and put it into my reality. I’m present to how this has come to fruit over the years and made me who I am now. She has the ability to empathize, understand and kick ass all at the same time and bring out truth and honesty in me.

Sabrina Ang, Singapore

I have great aspirations and dreams. However, being in a time and performance demanding career makes me feel that my dreams and aspirations are growing increasingly further from me. Hence, I grew frustrated and stifled with my life. At one point, I felt that I wasn’t getting anywhere and decided I really need to do about it. Through the coaching sessions with Teng Nging, I gain important realizations that allow me to access what’s beyond possibilities. I began to actively work on my dreams and aspirations since. I managed to break free from what was holding me back in life. It’s awesome! Thank you Teng Nging!

Yixin, Singapore
Management Consultant

With Teng Nging around, you will be inspired to express yourself fully and experience a wonderful sense of freedom. A kind soul who can create instant connection with people. She’s intuitive, expressive and dares to be honest with you. Be ready to be amazed and rejuvenated.

CL Lee
Chartered Accountant

I have been coached by Teng Nging several times over issues across different topics, on relationship, career and life direction. Over the sessions she shared with me inspiring insights of the possibilities that I can live my life differently, which I didn’t even dream of then. Through her coaching, I realized that what trapped me in my relationships and career was the pretense that I put on to please people and I wasn’t being myself. With this, my life changed tremendously and I am finally able to make real connections to people around me, especially my loved ones. I highly recommend Teng Nging as a life coach, not only for her professionalism, but most importantly, her genuine nature and the warmth she brings to your world.

N Li

Hiring Teng Nging as my personal coach for several rounds, her coaching insights and understanding of how human works, never failed to give me clarity on the issues I am working on.  In a recent session, her direct and honest coaching approach allowed me to see the truth in how I am handling my relationship with my partner and myself. This realization empowered me and sets me free to do what is truly important for myself. Teng Nging’s approach is all encompassing; a coach that stands for her client’s growth and definitely a coach that I’ll recommend to anyone that wants to work on themselves!

J Seet, Singapore

Working with Teng Nging was an unique and eye-opening experience. Her process-oriented approach allowed me to suspend my default behavior and reactions while at the same time circumvent my auto-defenses to help me gain the insights I needed. She was able to accurately pick out the right way to encourage and deepen my inquiry into the issues I was working on, and at the end of the session, nicely weave everything together into a cohesive whole.

Tan Xing Jian, Singapore


Selen Ma, Training and Development Manager, Beijing
Fortune 500 company

Nothing seems to escape Teng Nging’s sense. I always felt understood after talking to Teng Nging. She is one of the rare few whom I feel comfortable with to openly share about my issues.  Teng Nging was not shy to be brutal to make me acknowledge my own stubbornness, got me to identify my own loops and blind spots, and resolving my issue/struggles directly. Absolutely enjoyed my sessions with her as I am certain that I will definitely feel better and clearer after each session.

LL Tan, Singapore